Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I hurt my back this weekend doing too much nesting. I was bending over and lifting (not heavy things!) too much. I pulled my back-butt-hip muscle and was walking like E.T. for a day..."ELLLIIOTT".

I'm still wadling a little but not as E.T.-ish. But! even though I pulled a muscle, we purged a ton of junk from our apartment which is super exciting for me. AND we got our crib! Worst case scenario, if we have Isaac tomorrow, we have a place to lay his head, a car seat to bring him home in, a baby bouncer/soother for him to nap in, cute little outfits so he'll be warm, and Daddy's T-Shirts to poop in. Well, we don't have any diapers just yet. So I guess we're set!

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Nicole Kristine said...

Too bad about your waddling. Did the people at work imitate you? Do you need me to dropkick them? I can. I work out.