Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Malia has tagged me to post about the 4th picture in the 4th file on my computer. However, my husband has already taken that one as he was tagged as well. So I am posting about the 3rd picture in the 3rd file of my computer.

This is Zoe and her Papa:

As some of you know, Zoe is my favorite 6-year-old friend. She has an older sister, Morgan (10), and a younger brother, Simon (23 months), and a brand spanking new baby sister, Isla (13 Days).

Amanda...TAG! You're it!!!

This picture was taken on a trip to Port Townsend that we took in 2007. We hit several different wineries, this being one of them. Zoe's Papa is a wine connoisseur.

It was an absolutely beautiful vacation with lots of relaxation, fellowship and fun.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Post Pregnancy Boot Camp

I have decided to start my own Post Pregnancy Boot Camp. It will go something like this:

I've always wanted to do the Russian Kick. I can do like one and that's it. I even have a great hat to go to compliment my style. So stay 5 more months I will blow your socks off!

It's like that and that's the way it is...

Monday, November 24, 2008


Nesting has totally hit! I have been getting about 7 hours of sleep at night because I wake up with anxiety of "I have to do _____ to the babies room" or "I have to remember to put the drawer anti-opener thingies on the registery" or "I have to scrub the bathroom floor...for the umpteanth time". And so I get up and do it. Stupid hormones.

Seriously...this is driving me nutz!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pregnancy Tally

Things I don't like about being pregnant:

1. Peeing my pants just a little bit (or coming close to) almost every time I sneeze.

2. Sneezing at least once an hour...I had to stalk up on more underware.

3. The constant peeing. I find it highly anoying that I pee so often. I found peeing annoying prior to pregnancy because it interrupts whatever you are doing. I'm thinking about investing in depends just because I'm so lazy. I'd rather walk around in pee than go to the bathroom every thirty minutes. Seriously.

4. Seeing the inside of my belly button.

5. The clothes. I feel pretty with my pregnant bump however, the clothes make me look like a whale. I'd rather be naked all the time but I'm afraid I'd get fired (or harrassed).

What I LOVE about being pregnant:

1. The fact that my fat rolls have stretched out due to the belly getting bigger.

2. The food. I have a reason to eat whatever baby wants. If baby wants, baby gets.

3. The silky smooth hair and stronger nails. Although I do have to shave more often now.

4. The toys. You may think they are for baby Isaac, but will get to play with them more than he will.

5. The awareness of community that I've had since becoming pregnant. It's so amazing how generous people are.

6. The fact that I get to experience what most of the world will never get to experience. Men don't get to be pregnant and not every woman will have a baby. This is a true blessing of how miraculous God is.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I watched a clip on the Today Show this morning which featured a special episode where 4 hosts went "To The Ends of The Earth". This year's theme was about global warming and extinction, ect. It sparked a thought. Here's the thought: If you believe in I'm not talking about micro-evolution...macro-evolution, then why should we be worried about animals and species going extinct? Wouldn't they evolve into whatever they're suposed to evolve into regardless or the condition of the Earth?

Sure, I'm huge on saving the environment and I think we need to do a better job of taking care of what God made for us..."and it was good". However, Earth is ever-changing. Historically we go through periods of lower and higher temperatured climates. I believe that over the last 100 years we have done much to damage our environment and need to put the damage control on. We have definately sped up Earth's natural process.

Think about it though. Dino's went extinct, but if you believe in evolution, some kind of animal would have had to evolve from the dino's or else we'd have no us(or puppies). And if you believe in the theory that Dino's went extinct from a comet hitting the earth then that was much more dramatic and speedy in damaging the environment than what we have been doing to destroy the Earth over the past 100 years.

I'd rather believe in creation than evolution anyway, because the idea that I came from an ape is not appealing to me. And even though I make a pretty mean fish face...I didn't evolve from a fish.

I'm just saying is all...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blog Ideas

What would you like me to blog about next?

Something funny?

or something serious?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I don't believe a single thing I wanted in the 2008 election went my way. A death with dignity law was passed, Gov. Chris Gregoire was re-elected, Obama is our next president with a Democratic House and Senate, an initiative passed to force workers for long-term care services for the elderly and persons with disabilities to become certified (which puts quite a few people out of jobs), and and initiative to reduce traffic congestion didn't pass which we desperately needed. I fear for the next four years.

It's not the end of the world for me that Obama was elected. I believe he has a lot to offer. However, I believe McCain had more to offer. To have the same party line all the way across the board, whether Republican or Democrat, is scary. We need checks and balances and having the Presidential cabinet, House and Senate all lining up, does not provide the balance. President Elect Obama will be able to pass just about anything he comes up with for the next four years. Be praying for him that he makes wise choices.

The most disappointing thing for me was that Chris Gregoire was re-elected. Since she's been in office she's raised our gas tax (during the the time of the highest priced gas in history), unemployment rates are up (where are the jobs she said she'd create?), our roads and traffic are the worst ever, and she's taken the money from raising our taxes and made a "first ever rainy day fund" for Washington State. That's just the start of it. How about let's not make a rainy day fund. If we have so much extra money then why not fix the roads or give it back to the citizens or fix the traffic problems? And quit taking money away from me... I'm a broke-ass white girl who doesn't have the privilege for a rainy day fund.

The problem I have with the death with dignity law is that my husband would be able to kill himself without me knowing about it. I'd find out in his death certificate. It would read something like this: "Dr. killed MMT per his request via deadly prescription drug without wife's consent." Nice, isn't it? Granted, I believe people should kill themselves if they truly wish to go that way. It's free will, however, do it the messy way. Don't involve other people. Don't make the Doctor make that tough decision. That would be like me asking my husband to give me the gun to shoot myself. He would never do that, nor would I ever put him in that position. Find another way to die. What are your thoughts?

Well, this has turned into a fun rant and rave session. Sorry about that. It only happens once every four years.

I feel for you John...I know exactly how you feel.