Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Z's blog

I have asked my trusty 5-year-old friend, Z, to share her thoughts on blog world.  (Just doing my civic duty of raising proper bloggers ;)  So, with great honor, I present to you, Z:

My cavity

Today I had a cav-a-dee.  It hurted.  It was the worst day of my life.  I want my teeth to work.  I want them to feel better.  They won is has a cavity.  My cavity is might go into might get worser. I want my teeth to feel better.  [AJ interrupts and says, "Who wants cookies?"  Z replies, "I do!!!"]  I want to brush my teeth better.  I'm going to brush my teeth better in circles.  It will brush my teeth better and get all the germs.  All the time I will brush my teeth and I will do it when my mom says to.  I will do what my mom will do when she says to right away.    

I hope my teeth will feel better.  The End.  

Monday, November 19, 2007

Gross Gross Gross!

My boss just came down stairs and said he was eating a muffin and started chewing on something hard. He pulled it out and it was a broken off crown. His first thought was that it was someone else's crown that broke off and got baked in the muffin but then he realized it was his own. He even pulled it out of his pocket to show me.


Saturday, November 17, 2007


I am way behind in the amazing blog race for the month of November. I have a bet going with AJ and MMT. There's nothing for the winner, but whoever blogs the least this month will have to frolic down the street while singing the song from West Side Story, "I'm so pretty...oh so pretty..." Not fun.

So to keep me blogging and not bore you guys, send me some questions or topics to write about and I will.

Until tomorrow my blog world friends!


To celebrate M's 9th birthday we took a little trip to one of the local bowling alleys. Now I am not a fan of bowling but I didn't want to be a party pooper so I went along with the gang. I laced on those ugly looking bowling shoes and found the properly weighted ball. With ball in hand and stance ready, I took my first turn down the lane. Gutter ball. Second turn, gutter ball. I thought perhaps I should try another ball so I grabbed another ball. Gutter ball. I kept this up, eventually knocking down one or two pins along the way, trying every technique I could (including what I like to call the stop drop and roll technique). My final score on the first game was somewhere in the 60's which was a much better improvement that the 14 I've bowled in the past.

Bummed, I continued. I was doing a little better and then my fingers started to give out from the weight of the ball. I went down to a 9lb ball and tried my luck. I got a spare. I kept the momentum going. To my surprise I eventually won the game and got into the 100's. I don't think I've ever bowled past the 80's in my life. It was pretty exciting, but I still would rather play Dance Dance Revolution or Air Hockey instead.

Friday, November 16, 2007

My Day

Today was great because I not only got to spend a whole lot of money on Christmas decorations for my office, but I didn't have to really work AND I got to do it while being paid.

On my outings, as I was trying to find a parking spot at our local Target (say it with a French accent, it sounds fancier), I spotted a lady putting away her newly purchased items in the trunk of her vehicle so I politely turned on my blinker patiently waiting for her to finish. I waited for a while. She obviously saw me, it was pretty obvious I was waiting for her spot. As she shut her trunk I realized, "Hm, this lady is not going to leave this parking spot." I irritatingly turned off my blinker and started to move forward. As I passed the lady, she looked at me and snottily smiled. As if she couldn't have waved me on to let me know she wasn't going to be leaving and instead just unloading the junk she just purchased in the Big Box Store.

Not to let that ruin my Christmas cheer, I found another parking spot...very very very far away from the entrance. Definitely NOT princess parking. I continued on with my shopping extraveganza.

On my way home from my day of fun, I stopped in to get my anti-depressant Rx filled. I waited, again, patiently in line to put my order in. As I stepped up to the counter the lady asked me a few questions and then asked me when I would like to pick up my prescription. I said, "Now would be fine (knowing that I usually have to wait about 10-15 minutes minimum for it normally)." She replied, "Well I can't fill it now, so when would you like it?" I replied in almost irritation, "Two minutes." She replied in a very superior tone, "Well there's about ten people in front of you." Blank stare. Now irritated, I replied to her blank stare with a more definite blank stare. She finally said it would be about 25 minutes.

Note to people who refill prescriptions all day...don't mess with someone when they are refilling an anti-depressants, it's not very funny.

But all-in-all I had a great day.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas too soon?

Since the wind storms arrived this week and all of the fall leaves have been blown away, I suddenly have the Christmas bug. So I started playing Christmas music at work. None of the other girls like the fact that I'm playing Christmas music a week before Thanksgiving. Am I crazy for listening to Jingle Bell Rock and Winter Wonderland before Thanksgiving? I don't believe so. K said you can't jump the season to be thankful to the season of greed. Is that really what Christmas has turned into? The season of greed? 'Tis the season to be greedy falalalalalalala.

Really, today I heard on the radio that Santas' can no longer say "HoHoHo" they must now say "HaHaHa" because "HoHoHo" is a derogatory term used towards women. Seriously? You have got to be kidding me.

Christmas is the season for happy HoHoHo's and Merry Christmases.

Did you hear that Target last year banned, like other big boxed stores, their employees from saying "Merry Christmas" to their customers? Not only that but they no longer allow the Salvation Army Jinglers to stand outside their doors because they don't want to be one-sided towards any religion. BUT they will sell CHRISTMAS items in their stores INCLUDING manger scenes and Angels. Hmmm.

When did Christmas become so controversial? But I refuse to let anyone ruin my Christmas cheer AND I WILL SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS to ANYONE I pass on the street. I'm just spreading the freaking cheer. So HO HO HO and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Yesterday as I was driving home from visiting and a full day of shopping with my mom, I got a call from my husband, "M, I just wanted to let you know that K and T are okay but they were in a head-on collision with a drunk driver who wasn't wearing his seatbelt and died. They are in the ER right now if you want to go see them."

As I walked through the ER doors, I didn't pay attention to anyone. Even though my friends were alive and came away with only scrapes, bumps and bruises, I was in shock. Shocked that I almost lost two very close friends and shocked for them that the other driver was killed.

I held my composure as I walked through the doors to T's room where people who loved her stood. She had just finished getting stiched up from the massive cut she received on her finger from the plate she was holding when the collision occured which shattered in her hands. I saw her shirt sleeves cut all the way up her arms with blood stains seaping through showing me exactly where she had been damaged.

Still in shock, all I could think to do was hug her. Not knowing what I could touch without hurting her, I gently stroked her hair and hugged her head, thanking God that she was still here.

I was taken down the hall to another room where K sat on the phone telling her step-mom what had happened. Just the sight of her made me tear up a little. When she hung up the phone she had a smile on her face which confirmed to me that she was okay and, in fact, more okay than I as I could not get a smile out. As she tearfully told me what had happened I watched as she moved her hand gestures ever so slowly, subtly displaying the pain that she was in. I sat next to her, not wanting to let go in amazement that she was in somewhat good spirits.

We walked back down the hall to T's room where the ER nurse finished wrapping her freshly stiched finger. By this time I had enough confirmation for myself that they were okay. As the girls were discharged, we took a slow walk out to the main enterance while C pulled her car around to take the girls home. M.A. and I helped the girls into the car. K couldn't lift her own leg up in the car, so I gently lifted it in and wrapped the seatbelt around her chest, buckling it safely, like a mom buckling in her baby snuggled into its protective car seat.

I held my composure while shutting the door and watched them drive off but as I walked back to my car, I lost it. All emotions of sadness for the man who lost his life, joy that God protected my two friends, and pride that while the girls waited for the emergency vehicles to cut them out of their mangled car they prayed together the entire time, were rolling in one fell swoop. I cried in my car for about 5 minutes, praying the only two words that I could muster: "Thank you."

This morning I woke up with a pit in my stomach still but I am so thankful that God has given this life to us. To waste it is a shame. This has taught me to really cherish those I love. And even though I am angry at the thought of someone ever drinking and driving, I feel a loss for the man I didn't know. I pray that whatever pain caused him to drink has passed and he is at peace now.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Tomorrow I get to spend half of the day with my two favorite kids. I get to get up at 6:30 a.m. and be a child for 4 or 5 hours (one of my favorite activities). I like days where I get to just play and be silly and children are the most accepting of that child-like immaturity that sits within me. Think about it, could you go up to an adult and just tickle the snot out of them? Nah. BUT with a 5 year old, I get to tickle her until she hick-ups. And, her little brother, I get to play baby-on-a-cob where I nibble him up all the way from he toes to right behind his ears (that's the sweet spot). I can honestly say, nobody that I know would allow me to play baby-on-the-cob with them without looking at me like I'm retarded or something.

However, there is a certain age at which those fun games suddenly become immature to any child. This will become a very sad day for me. But until then I will have my kicks and giggles being just as silly as they are for as long as they will allow me.

Friday, November 9, 2007

My Favorite Boy

I love this kid. This is my BFF's son who is 10 months old. My how time flies. It was just yesterday that I was in the hospital holding what was to become the joy of my life.

He tends to eat my face. I think he started about two months ago. It's quite funny. I've tried gobbling him up since the day he was born and then, one day, he figured out how to riciprocate. With his baby growled, drooly face he'll grab my hair and give me opened mouthed, slobbering kisses. Sometimes he'll miss my mouth and eat my nose. Not very good for when it's running, but it's hilarious.

Discovery Channel

Was featuring Wild Asses, Squatters and Peckers tonight. Does anyone else find that funny? Watch as the Wild Ass chases after the burrowing Squatters only to be startled by the enormous Pecker. Hahahaha.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's Happened...

Blogger's block. I knew it would come but I was hoping not so soon. Okay, the truth is that it's Thursday and my week hasn't been particularly great because I've been fighting a nasty cold among other schtuff. But I don't want to bore you with my yuck-o week, so I will leave you with some inspirations of someone else:


such a shy performer,
at first hiding behind the no's "n",
you step out onto the clear, open page;


inside your tight boundaries lies amazing space,
the mouth of a bottomless well dropping down into
the dark waters of unknown significance,
where absence is not naught and a mere
nothing adds more to the already full.

Cipher of silence, swollen round with fresh beginnings,
of curtains about to open, the choir's first breath... . . .

Origin of origins which comes forever before
the note which can never be played.

Cliff Crego

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

To Man of Many Thoughts

Quit stealing my and Becoming Refined's blog ideas! If you do it again, you will be automatically disqualified....either that or I will withhold something very valuable ;) Love you Oats!

Whale Watching

We have a client who saw a whale watching sign down at the marina. So she sits there...by the sign...to watch the whales. The sign is there as an advertisement to go on a whale watching tour...on a boat..in the water....to watch some whales...on the boat...in the water. She said to us, "You know, I go down there all the time but I have yet to see any whales!"

You know, somtimes it's better that I don't know these things. How can I keep a straight face the next time she comes in? I'll see that image of this lady sitting by a whale watching sign with some binoculars looking for whales of the pier. It is really just better that I don't know the depth of peoples' craziness sometimes.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Quote of the night:

"I'm just waiting for fat to come back in style."
~Your's truly, WMT


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I died my hair the other night...that's right, it's officially dead. And it's red. Dead red. I wasn't going for the dramatic look. The last time I dyed it, I did it strawberry blond with red highlights, lowlights, whatever they're called...and it looked great. This time I thought I'd go for more red, less blond, so I dyed my entire head red. I'll be putting the highlights in it later on in the week, but for now every time I see my reflection I think...”POW! RED!” It's quite the shocker. It will fade though right? Watch, this will be the one box of red that actually doesn't fade. I'm not saying I don't like it, it's just very noticeable, which I'm not used to, and very dramatic. Hey, it's better than dirty sink water blond!

Monday, November 5, 2007

To Forgive

It is easy to ask for God's forgiveness and accept that He has forgiven, but what is the hardest part, is not accepting God's forgiveness, rather accepting that we, ourselves, are forgiven. Forgiving ourself is the hardest thing to do.

As I was studying about forgiveness today, I realized it's not trusting that God has forgiven me or that I am worth being forgiven, it's me that hasn't forgiven myself completely. C.S. Lewis wrote, "We are offered forgiveness on no other terms. To refuse it is to refuse God's mercy for ourselves. There is no hint of exceptions and God means what he says."

Thank you, Lord, for your constant love and forgiveness. That even on the cross, while suffering, you were able to put away your selfishness, your pain, and sacrifice your life for ours. So that we can know your true love, forgiveness and kindness and so that we can know that you relate to our suffering because you have suffered the most.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Football Junkie

I walked into my apartment after an hour of shopping to find my husband, lounging on the couch with two remote controls in his hands, intently watching football. We are avid fans of the Seahawks and Colts and today the two teams were playing at the same time. So hubby decided he would take a splitter to our cable and move our little TV used in the office into the living room set atop one of our end tables. He had both the Colts game and the Seahawks game going at the same time and when there was a commercial on one TV he'd mute it and watch the game on the other TV. When that game got boring or went to commercial, he'd switch it back. It really got confusing when one station would switch games to see highlights of other games not being televised.

I think it was the closest thing I have experienced to developing a twitch. However, if I could do that with my design channels, I would be in Heaven. Honey! We're keeping both TV's in the living room.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The New Family Pet

Z, my BFF's 5-year-old kindergartner, found a new pet. On the table sits a red plastic bag with some kind of an acrylic box, very small box, sitting on top and in it is a ladybug who keeps crawling up the sides of the box, frantically flapping its wings trying so desperately to get out. She did a great job by trying to make the ladybug feel at home. Inside the box sits a red rock of some sort in case the ladybug decides it would like to do a little rock climbing. But rather the ladybug enjoys pushing the rock with its frantically flapping wings because it's probably thinking there will be a hole under the red rock that it can climb out of and fly back home. There's a foam sticker in the shape of a jack-o-lantern which I'm assuming is her door welcoming decoration. Z's attempts at making the ladybug feel welcome and at home are impressive, however, I have a feeling that this is how the killer bee were engineered. Some kid in desperate need for a new family pet attempted to make a cute little bumble bee feel at home in its new entrapment in which the said kid put in extraordinary efforts to make a cute home for the creature, when in all reality it pisses the poor insect off enough to want to kill all things that resemble the gigantic thing that stood above the acrylic box pointing and staring and making weird noises at it while it flailed its little wings screaming, "GET ME OUT!"

Unfortunately for the ladybug, it's Z's intent to wait until Tuesday to set the ladybug free because she wants to show her big sister the new family pet. But the ladybug will probably die before-hand resulting in sadness for the poor kid. Fortunately for us, I have a feeling that if Z was to let the ladybug free before dying we would soon see a new caption in the Sunday paper stating, "When Ladybugs Attack."

Friday, November 2, 2007

Kibbles and Bits

This is yet another interesting, take-a-second-glance-while-driving story. Out of my peripheral vision to the right of me, while driving near a BBQ joint, I see a man...or woman...dressed in a pink pig mascot type costume. In front of the pig are a couple walking, rather holding back their dog who was intensely barking and jumping at the pig. If dogs could talk, I imagine this one would have been saying something along the lines of "bacon bacon bacon bacon BACON! I smell BACON!"

Visions of Becoming a Lawyer

We often have some pretty interesting folks come to our office wanting consultation since my office is next to a homeless facility. However, yesterday we had a fella come in to talk to one of the attorneys to see what it would take to become a Lawyer rather than wanting a consultation for an injury.

He started his visit very politely by ringing the doorbell (it's very clear when you come to the door that we are a place of business and, though it's polite to ring a doorbell, it is definately not necissary...why we still have a doorbell is beyond me). He then proceeded to ask to speak with a Lawyer because he has realized his "life's purpose..." which is to become a Lawyer...and wanted to know what steps he would need to take in order to fulfill his dream.

Well, the paralegals usually handle these sorts of things because, quite frankly, the attorneys simply don't have the time to. So one of our very experienced paralegals came down to greet the very polite fella. He explained to her his dream, including that he came to this conclusion because he has died three times. She was very warm with him and encouraging by letting him know he'd have to go to school and that it would be best to talk to one of the counselors with a local college and, to top it off, he'd have to take the Bar Exam, which is not very easy. When she explained in detail the intimidating steps to becoming an attorney, he started inquiring about what it would take to have her job instead...

Good Morning Blog World!

This month is national blog month (although I really doubt it's a national holiday...) so that means I have to blog about something every day. I don't know if I really have something important or blog worthy every day but I will do my best. To join this little club go to:
You'll have to copy your blogs into NaPloPoMo but that takes little time and effort.

Happy National Blog Month!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I just realized...

I get to sit on my butt all day to make money off of other people who sit on their butt all day...and I work, while sitting on my butt all day, to keep them sitting on their butt all day. Ah the joys of working as a worker's comp paralegal.