Tuesday, January 6, 2009

61 days and counting

Isaac's scheduled arrival is in 61 days. Yikes! I haven't even gotten the baby's room done yet.

7 wonders:

1. When Isaac arrives, will he still remember what God looks like?
2. When he looks at me for the first time will I cry or laugh? Will he even be able to see me?
3. Will we be friends when he's older? I sure hope so.
4. Will he be more like me, silly and creative? Or more like his Dad, compassionate and tender? I hope the best of both.
5. What will his voice sound like?
6. Will he smell good like all the other babies?
7. Will he love God just as much as his parents do or more?


Nicole Kristine said...

Lucky for you, I learned on Oprah how to understand newborn language. I will ask him some of those questions when he comes out. Unless you never allow me to meet him, like the Pais keep hidden from me. Then I will not be able to help you.

Laura said...

What if he poops on the nurse like Heidi did?