Thursday, February 5, 2009


I haven't been able to write about much lately because no good ideas have popped in my little brain...well they have but they're all lame.

So here's a baby update...exciting for me, possibly boring for you:

*Isaac has exactly 4 weeks to go on Sunday.
*We painted the furniture for his room.

*Isaac apparently likes to sit on my lungs now and he is a very squirmy but gentle baby. I don't get any of the mean punches or kicks that everyone's been warning me about. If you could see inside my belly it would look kind of like this:

*I have to see the chiropractor twice a week and get a massage once a week to keep my back from going out.

*I've only gained 24 pounds the entire pregnancy, however...

*....nobody told me your chin has a baby too:

*Isaac can eat an entire bag of baby carrots or an entire quart of strawberries in one sitting. He likes healthy snacks.

*Juice is Isaac's favorite drink, especially anything with mango or oranges in it.

*Isaac's Daddy loves him very much:

*And so does his mommy:

*And even though pregnancy most of the time sucks, the joy and excitement of awaiting the arrival of our little boy is well worth it

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Malia said...

What beautiful pictures of you guys! And beautiful sentiments of this very exciting time. Can't wait to meet little Isaac!