Friday, March 13, 2009

He's not coming out!

I am an elephant with a gestation period of 22 months and won't get to meet my son for another year.

Currently I am 6 days past my due date. I don't want to go anywhere right now because every time I do somebody asks me what my due date is and I say, "6 days ago." Then I get the, "well I thought you were about ready to pop but didn't want to say anything" response, as I'm thinking "what changed your mind from thinking you should say it after knowing that important piece of information?" At this point I don't like it being rubbed in. My belly is huge, my stretch has stretched to the max, I'm afraid of having a 12 pound baby and then what will I do with all the newborn diapers we have that won't fit him because he came out too big, my feet are swollen, my back hurts, my husband is asking me every five minutes how I'm doing (sweet but honey, I'm still do you think I'm doing), I have a bazillion phone calls during the day where I answer the phone, "no baby yet" because I know the reason they're calling. And although I'm very appreciative of all the support I'm getting, the back rubs, the foot rubs, my husband having to re-paint my toenails, my BFF surprising me with a good book and some 'give birth' remedies, I just want to meet my son that I have waited 10 months for.

Ironically this episode of my favorite show, Gilmore Girls, came on a couple of days ago while I was at the "GET OUT OF MY BELLY NOW" faze of my pregnancy. Granted I'm still there. Maybe this was God's little way of helping me cope. Because I couldn't find the clip I've got the link to the entire episode but the scene is about 25 minutes into the show if you want to fast forward to it. It's the scene just after the garage band rock out. Make sure the title of the video is "Gilmore Girls: The Festival of Living Art" and not another video. You'll be able to see it on the menu to the left side of the screen. Sorry I couldn't embed it for you.

I go in Monday to be induced. Perhaps we'll have a little St. Patty's day baby??? Much better than a Friday the 13th baby. That would be scary. Hopefully he'll just come this weekend and I won't have to be induced because I really wish not to.


Nicole Kristine said...

I love you and I love Isaac, no matter when he decides to join us out here.

Jenny said...

Hang in there Mary! He'll be here before you know it:)