Friday, August 13, 2010

Educated Idiot

A letter I received at work this week from an angry provider who is balance billing one of our members. To protect any personal health information and the Educated Idiot's name, I have left the specifics out, however (eh hem... how ever) EVERYTHING else is exactly the same as what was written to me:

"Dear ____:

I am in receipt of your letter regarding the above case.
I think your analysis regarding the payment is inaccurate. This patient came to my office on [date]. We told her and her husband that we were not contracted with your insurance company, how ever husband insisted that other physicians that had seen her even though were not member of Sterling they accepted the insurance and they got paid. I did not that was proper and I told him that we have to charge his wife our cash price if she wants to be seen by me on that date. He then gave me a check for [the amount] but at my concern for this population I returned the check to him. Obviously they were satisfied and they returned to my office again on [later date].

Now after 7 months, and my proper care for [patient] you are asking me to pay you money. I am sorry to advise you that I am an educated neurosurgeon, and running expensive office. Not charging the patent who has come to my office on her accord, and needing care I have done the proper thing and taken care of her, and now returning money to you seems inappropriate.

Educated Idiot

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