Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Live Fat Free

So my husband and I have been saying for YEARS that we should purchase a gaming system. But we just couldn't justify spending tons of money on one. "Couldn't" as in past tense. Yesterday we WERE able to justify it...when we said, "we'd spend the money on a gym membership in one month anyway." We had our eyes on the PS3 but then decided to go with the Wii. We can get all the games we like from PS3 through the Wii plus the fitness games we want.

Here's the thing: My son is two and then some...and I still have not lost my baby fat...nor my pre baby fat, nor my freshmen (sophomore, junior, senior) 15, nor the pounds I gained after marriage. LOL. Are you with me? I've got some weight to loose. I'm not going to tell you how much, because my goal isn't to loose the pounds, my goal is to be healthy (I'm not even going to weigh myself). I'm a fairly healthy person food wise. I just hate working out. I get way too bored. Unless it's for sports. But you throw a video game in front of me? I could do that. (My dad owned a video arcade my entire child hood...yes I'm straight out of the 80's). So we got Wii Active II. And tomorrow we're getting Wii Fitness Plus and Zumba. I figure that will give us enough diversity so as to not get bored.

Here's the other thing: Now my husband and I can work out at home while the boy naps. I don't have to go anywhere! (And I'm not tempted to pick up that ice cold frap on the way home from the gym.)

I'd like to see what life feels like without the extra pounds. I know I'll have more energy. And if I plan on having more kiddo's I'm going to need it because Ike wears me out as it is!

I'm going to blog about my journey so you can keep me accountable. I also have some other goals for a healthy life. Like at least once a week I need to do something creative for me and cook something using all organic and/or whole foods (I'm going to try home made bread next week). Because being healthy isn't just about weight, it's about the mind too. I certainly don't want my child to grow up with my self-esteem. It's time for a change.

So here's to being fat free?! Would you care to join me?

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Beautiful Life said...

I am with you!!!! Becoming healthy is my goal as well! Just doing the little things will get you there. Also...I bought the Wii for exercise as well!!!! It is so much FUN!!