Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Remember me?

Well I've been quiet lately. (which is very unusual for me). We went to the Casting Crown's concert

(That was the best pic we got lol)

The next week we were in Levenworth

The next week was Halloween

I've been making applesauce for a month now, not to mention pumpkin butter and now gluten free recipes (more about that on another post another day)

And it's Thanksgiving already?! Holy time flies Batman! If I blink it'll be Christmas! It's already snowed

Isaac woke up that morning and said, "Daddy! You made it snow! Good job daddy." Ah that kid melts my heart. And he loves his Daddy

I love his daddy too. He took me to see Breaking Dawn tonight. What a man I tell you!

How are you doing?

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