Friday, April 18, 2008

Go and be fishers of men

About twice a year our church goes and does service, rather than attend a service. Our neighborhood is our church and the residence are our congregation. Here's a short video to better explain:

About 60 people in our congregation of 90 were divided into 5 service projects. One of those service projects we happen to do every Sunday which is the Evergreen Rehabilitation Ministry. We take a team of preachers to the local Rehabilitation center to give a 10 minute sermon, some worship and communion to those who can't get out and attend a church. This is also a great way to spread the Good News since not everyone who attends the service has been saved.

After service is over we walk the halls of the center and say hello to the residence, offer prayer or just listen to some of their stories. It often helps to have a baby in your presence because nothing else makes their heart and eyes light up more than seeing God's precious bundles of joy. Rehab centers are many times used for those who need care after major surgeries and procedures, but more often than not, it remains a final home for many before they pass on. Furthermore, rehab centers have many elderly residence and, sadly, not many of them get many visitors.

Last Sunday my husband was blessed with the opportunity to give the sermon at Evergreen.

As he spoke about how everyone is born with a place in their heart for God (he calls this our "God space:), I watched as the residence listened intently, every now and then nodding in acknowledgment of the words he spoke upon. His tool was an infant shape sorter toy

and he used a story about how he'd watch his little brother play with his shape sorter toy. My husband explained how his little brother would try to fit the block into the round hole and would either figure out that the block goes into the square hole or he would get frustrated and give up. Often times, he'd be able to get the block part of the way into the circle however couldn't force it all the way through the circle hole.

My husband spoke about how sometimes we try to fill the hole with self help books or addictions but neither of which are ever fully satisfying to our empty spaces.

The only thing that can fill the emptiness completely is our Father in heaven.

I loved how others got to enjoy the wisdom and knowledge my husband has to share. His warmth and love radiates throughout. Even Zoe felt safe enough to share a prayer request at the end.

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