Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

A lady told me a story today about how she found a pair of underwear at her house and as she was describing the person to whom the underwear belonged to she said, "They weren't like tiny underwear, the girl was a big BIG girl." Then she proceeded to look me up and down and say, "Well, I guess she was a little bigger than you."

She didn't mean to hurt me nor did she have a clue that her comment affected me but obviously this comment hurt me a lot.

I'm not big, I'm not 200 pounds, more like 165. I wear a size 12-14 pants and can still shop in the juniors sections in department've seen my picture. However, I was crying all the way home and cried in my husbands arms. In an effort to comfort me, he took me to the beach to sit for a while and after several moments of silence I finally spoke saying that I wish we could go to an island and stay there so I don't have to deal with worldly crap like that. We're going on vacation in about three weeks to a little island in the San Juans for 7 days and without skipping a beat my husband replied, "We 3 may not be for a lifetime, nor warm, but it's a start."

He has a way of making me feel like not crap in situations like this.

God has a way of doing that too. Even though the world can fling poo in your face at times, God's there to comfort and love you even when others don't. He provides. For me, He's providing a get-a-way of exactly what I need, an Island with minimal unhappy people. He's made me beautifully and wonderfully. After He created me He looked me up and down and said, "this is good!" God doesn't make mistakes and even though others might look at me and think I'm a flawed, God says I'm not.

So if you're dealing with the same issues, I hope you know that God thinks you're beautiful, no matter how big or small you are...whether you have blond hair or brown, blue eyes or green, whether you're a giant or a miniature person, you are beautifully and wonderfully made just the way you are!

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