Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pregnancy Tally

Things I don't like about being pregnant:

1. Peeing my pants just a little bit (or coming close to) almost every time I sneeze.

2. Sneezing at least once an hour...I had to stalk up on more underware.

3. The constant peeing. I find it highly anoying that I pee so often. I found peeing annoying prior to pregnancy because it interrupts whatever you are doing. I'm thinking about investing in depends just because I'm so lazy. I'd rather walk around in pee than go to the bathroom every thirty minutes. Seriously.

4. Seeing the inside of my belly button.

5. The clothes. I feel pretty with my pregnant bump however, the clothes make me look like a whale. I'd rather be naked all the time but I'm afraid I'd get fired (or harrassed).

What I LOVE about being pregnant:

1. The fact that my fat rolls have stretched out due to the belly getting bigger.

2. The food. I have a reason to eat whatever baby wants. If baby wants, baby gets.

3. The silky smooth hair and stronger nails. Although I do have to shave more often now.

4. The toys. You may think they are for baby Isaac, but will get to play with them more than he will.

5. The awareness of community that I've had since becoming pregnant. It's so amazing how generous people are.

6. The fact that I get to experience what most of the world will never get to experience. Men don't get to be pregnant and not every woman will have a baby. This is a true blessing of how miraculous God is.

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Nicole Kristine said...

Actually, there is a pregnant man. I saw him on an interview with Barbara Walters.