Monday, November 17, 2008


I watched a clip on the Today Show this morning which featured a special episode where 4 hosts went "To The Ends of The Earth". This year's theme was about global warming and extinction, ect. It sparked a thought. Here's the thought: If you believe in I'm not talking about micro-evolution...macro-evolution, then why should we be worried about animals and species going extinct? Wouldn't they evolve into whatever they're suposed to evolve into regardless or the condition of the Earth?

Sure, I'm huge on saving the environment and I think we need to do a better job of taking care of what God made for us..."and it was good". However, Earth is ever-changing. Historically we go through periods of lower and higher temperatured climates. I believe that over the last 100 years we have done much to damage our environment and need to put the damage control on. We have definately sped up Earth's natural process.

Think about it though. Dino's went extinct, but if you believe in evolution, some kind of animal would have had to evolve from the dino's or else we'd have no us(or puppies). And if you believe in the theory that Dino's went extinct from a comet hitting the earth then that was much more dramatic and speedy in damaging the environment than what we have been doing to destroy the Earth over the past 100 years.

I'd rather believe in creation than evolution anyway, because the idea that I came from an ape is not appealing to me. And even though I make a pretty mean fish face...I didn't evolve from a fish.

I'm just saying is all...

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