Sunday, May 1, 2011

Broken Heart Part II

My husband joined in on a walk Friday night which was technically cancelled due to the Thursday night shooting of the 17-year old. The theme was "Take Back the Night" where people walk and pray together over our community, where they can one day hope to feel safe walking the streets at night. About 22 people showed up to the walk which ended in the town center's gazebo. There they prayed for the 17-year old girl and her family and prayed for God's presence in the town. My husband never felt the presence of evil more in his life than he did on Friday night.

Last night we heard the sirens going again. This time I verbalized to my husband that I hope it's not another shooting.

For the second time this week I woke up to news that someone was shot and killed. This time a man was pulled over by local police and the man pulled his gun out, opening fire at the police. No police were injured, however the man was shot and killed. This all happened at the very same spot that my husband had prayed the night before. Let me repeat that: The very same spot my husband prayed the night before, Satan attacked. It was almost like he was sending us a message.

I talked early this morning (ehem...late last night) about the presence of evil in this community and how Satan has a hold on the darkness here. My husband and I had a deep talk last night that Satan will do everything in his power to keep the darkness here. Which means we are in for a serious fight. Satan's going to attack us in every way possible. But God is more powerful and He's on our side.

Please keep praying for this town.

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melsanford said...

Goodness me.... You really do sound like you've got a fight on your hands. Now I'm not the praying type but tonight I'll say a prayer for you, your husband and Sunnyside. I hope things improve. Much love, Mel xx