Friday, February 17, 2012


I thought I'd do a post on Isaac. It's been a while. He's getting to be such a big boy! He'll be 3 in exactly 1 month.

Words can't describe how I feel to be his mom. But I'm going to try :)

Last weekend at church a friend of mine who is in the process of getting custody of her son, walked in with tears in her eyes. Her regularly scheduled visit with her son, somehow, got messed up and he never showed. I can't imagine my time with Isaac to be limited to very small hours a week. Some weeks I'm fed up and need a break from my crazy two-year-old and take forgranted the blessing he is even in his craziness. Isaac noticed she needed a friend that day. He walked up to her seated at her table while holding back the tears, he said, "can I sit with you?".

Our little man has always been so full of love and compassion for other people that he truly sets the example for me. He's a comforter. There's something in his DNA that is such a unique gift for even a two-year-old, let alone an adult, which draws people to him. People of all ages receive joy from him and just cling to him, from babies to teenagers to the elderly. he is such a joy to watch and I feel priveledged that I get to share him with the world.

My friend needed his comfort that day more than any comfort I could give her and Isaac was right there for her.

My biggest struggle is not with him, it's that I don't stomp out the fire and passion God has given him for life. He runs around at church, but it's because he's saying "hi" to every person in that room. If I had forced him, from the begining, to sit and be "proper" he would never have felt the freedom to express himself to my friend that day. I remember another time, a single mom with 2 kids showed up. She was bear hugging her kids while they were squirming to get down. Isaac was making his usual run-arounds and my husband walked up to her and told her, "you see the little blond haired kid running around? Yeah, that's my son. So don't feel embarassed to let your kids be kids". We have another single mom who's kids were wild six months ago, running up on stage, sitting front and center for attention that they so desperately needed. When they felt the freedom to be themselves and be accepted, they calmed down. Now those kids are angels. You'd never know they had disabilities. I think a large part of that is because the pastor's kid set the example to express yourself and be free. When service starts all the older kids want Isaac to join them in their class. He spreads the love of Christ better than anyone else I know and it's so cool to be a part of.

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