Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Over played and under worked...

Grandpa and grandma came out for a visit a week ago? Maybe two weeks ago. I have no concept of time anymore. Anyway, Ike was super stoked to wake up from a nap and see them! He asked where their plane was, expecting to see it in the parking lot. However this time they drove with a new big truck! And they brought a little surprise for a big boy!

Well the weather has been pretty nuts here lately with crazy winds. When the wind isn't here, we've been crazy busy. So today, after practicing circles for a couple of weeks, around the living room, into the kitchen, back through the living room, and through the kitchen again, we FINALLY got to take this bad boy (the bike, not the kid) to a real park with a really big parking lot!

He was a rock star for sure!

We ate sandwiches in the dugouts

Got off the bike for two minutes and checked out the big toys

And rode some more

We had a super fun day. When we got home he even said, "Mommy! I had a fun time with you today!" Melt my heart. Seriously?

Last night the women's group I lead at church had a girl's night off from serious studies and just watched a movie. Normally I'm hesitant to just watch a movie because there's no real fellowship time. But when the ladies suggested Courageous, I thought it would be a good opportunity for them to hear a message on parenting. Plus we've been working really hard lately, we just needed a good mind numbing break.

The message was on being the kind of parent and spouse God wants you to be from the perspective of fathers. To which my husband questioned me showing at a women's group...but a great deal of what we work on is our relationships with our own earthly fathers and looking to our father in heaven for a true, unconditional love.

There were some heart stopping moments in the movie. The kind to where you can't breath anymore if you relate it to your own personal life. Moments that made me reflect on how much time I spend with my family and how high of a quality that time is. See I like high quality things because they last longer. The way I parent and act towards my husband will have a ripple effect on the generations to come after me. I don't just want to be better than my father and mother, I want to be the best parent God created. I want my time here on earth to be like a 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet.

This movie effected me. It was horrible acting, as most Christian films are, but the message was perfect. And exactly what I needed to hear. "I don't want to spend my whole life asking, 'what if I had given everything, instead of going through the motions'."

So today, I was more patient with Isaac. I made him pancakes first thing this morning and we snuggled while watching Super Why. I took him to the park and had lunch, just him and me. So long as he wasn't in danger, I let him control what he wanted to do and where he wanted to go. Then, when we stopped by the police department on our way home, I let him check out the remote control airplane the court interpreter was flying on his lunch break even though I would have normally been in a hurry to get him home for a nap to keep the schedule. When we got home I took a nap with him and watched him fall asleep, when I normally would put him down in his own bed and wash the dishes or do laundry. I litterally soaked up every minute with him today. And I wore him out doing it too!

Isaac has never fallen back asleep on the couch after waking up from a nap, let alone on my lap. I just stared at his sleeping face, praying over him for a half an hour until he woke up. And truth be told, my son is better when mommy's better. And mommy's better when I am one with God and not one with the house.

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