Monday, December 10, 2007

Let me tell you all about my weekend:

I am a crafter. So for our staff Christmas party I made a set of coasters that went over really well. The girls at work loved them so much that I go three orders the next day. I was so excited to go home and start on them, but I had to make a stop at the local Joann's to pick up some more wood blocks and boxes. I needed a total of 12 blocks for the coasters and 3 boxes to house them.

I rushed in to Joann's forgetting that when I got the first set I had taken all but one of the blocks. The one block was still there but there was only one box. So then I ran to Michael's thinking that they'd have some because they usually cary more wood crafts than Joann's. Michael's didn't have any either.

Directly across the streat from Michael's is my least favorite store in the whole-wide world...Walmart. I don't like this store for many reasons, mostly because they treat their employees really bad (statistically they have the most percentage of employees on state assistance, more than any other company in the U.S. because instead of giving their employees full time work, raises, or promotions, they advise them to get on state assistance) but secondly it's because it is the National Where-to-go-to-beat-your-kid Capitol of the World. It never fails me to go into Walmart and see a parent disciplining their child and/or yelling at their spouse.

At this point I was kind of tired of running around to store after store so I decided I'd take a quick trip to the place I have nick-named Devil-Mart, thinking that they might have something along the lines of what I needed. I found several, but not enough coasters.

Still on the hunt to find the coasters which I was once excited about, now cursing about, I knew my Mom would be coming up to visit and that I would have to take her home. Because I had my best luck at Devil-Mart, I knew that on my way to take my mom home there would be two more Devil-Marts, one Michael's and at least one Joann's. Worst case scenerio I would have to go to all stores searching for the coasters/boxes, but I was certain I would complete my list at the first stop.

First stop: Devil-mart. No luck

Second stop: Devil-mart. Some luck

Third stop: Michaels. Mission accomplished but then I realised I forgot to pick up something at Joann's I had been planning on doing for another Christmas present, so the day was not over.

Fourth stop, no food since 7 a.m. (and it was a not-so-filling scone at that), going on 6 hours of sleep, now being 4:30 p.m., very shaky and pissy: Joann's. I find what I need, get to the counter to check out, ask the cashier if there were any extra 50% off coupons left over from the day, when she says, "No but you can go get the Sunday paper if you'd like because there's a coupon in there valid for today."I replied with, "No that's okay." She persisted, "Are you sure? I'm sure we won't run out of the item (yeah right, with my luck?) if you would like to go grab a paper?" Finally after several no thank you's I replied, "I've been to three Walmart's, Joann's three times, and two different Michael's, I'm hungry because I haven't eaten since 7 a.m., I'm tired because I woke up at 5:00 a.m., I have been driving all over through 4 different counties to try to find these silly blocks of wood for these silly coasters that I was once excited about making and saving $6.00 really, truely, isn't worth it to me right now but thank you for asking."

We were just laughing histerically.


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