Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm So Pretty

I knew going into National Blog Month that I would, out of the three of us, inevitably loose the challenge of posting every single day for a month. I have no excuses except for the fact that I lost all motivation, inspiration and creativity the last week of November. I was in the lead for quite some time however slowly but surely I fell behind and couldn't catch up.

Luckily the day I had to pay up my deeds of frolicking in the street while singing "I'm so pretty, oh so pretty..." it snowed. It was the first snow fall of the year. So I was happy to do whatever anyone asked me to as long as I was outside... in the snow.

Thus, you have me singing and frolicking to the song from West Side Story, "I'm so pretty, oh so pretty, I'm so pretty and witty and gay:"

Oh yeah, AJ made me wear shorts and her cheerleading t-shirt from 1997. Luckily I was allowed to be in my Fargo Hat and Ugs while participating in this solo-event.

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AJ said...

I just need to make clear that I was not a cheerleader and have never been a cheerleader and do not ever plan on being a cheerleader. The T-Shirt was borrowed from a friend who was a cheerleader. I just needed something to wear to the gym and this is what was given to me and I never gave it back (oops, sorry Kelli).
That's all.
Good job with the singing and dancing Mary, it was all we hoped for and more.