Sunday, February 27, 2011


So I'm starting to take this blogging/crafting thing more seriously these days. BUT supplies can be so expensive! Like Copic markers range up to $300 for a full set (even if I bought them from a craft store with a 40% coupon, it would still be more than I'd like to pay for them)?! It's either buy my son's big boy bed, groceries for the next month or pay for our heating bill for the next two months...versus purchasing a set of markers. BUT I WANT THEM! And Copic Markers are just on the beginning of my wish list - Dear Santa: I'd like Copic Markers, Tim Holtz distress inks, daubers, stamps of all kinds, a clip-it-up, and stuff to fill my clip-it-up, and glimmer mists, and and and....

and the list can go on and on and on! So what are ways I can get my supplies for free or cheap? Now that I'm a crazy couponer I'm always looking for more ways to score free stuff right?!

To be honest the supplies I have were purchased on clearance or were found in the dollar bin at the craft store. So most of them are no-name brands. I also really enjoy using recycled items. I save EVERYTHING and try to use it creatively. Here's how frugal I am: I use the cellophane packaging that product comes in, I have a cup in the kitchen to collect bread wrappers, bottle caps, and any other little thing I can turn into something special, and I still use the same markers I had as a kid (amazingly....20 years later...they still have ink!). I've never let the amount of income I have determine how I craft...I always find a way around. I've always thought how unfair it is that artists have to pay ridiculous amounts of money to express their gifts. No wonder they're starving! Haha :)

So what do you do? Enter into every Candy giveaway and Challenge out there (and if you do, how do you find time for all that)? How do you get your supplies?


Carrie's Corner said...

I definitely use coupons and watch for sales. With re: to the copics, I did a lot of reading before I bought any. The consistent message I got was to never buy a set. They are random colors. You are better off buying them individually and getting a couple of shades of one color that blend together. For instance you could get a skin shade, a couple of browns to blend for hair and a couple of shades of blue for maybe a dress. Try them out and see if you really like them before buying a bunch. HTH!


Lynne in NI said...

We NEVER get any decent coupons this side of the pond, wish we did! I'm on a budget too, so I enter a lot of candy giveaways and get some goodies that I would never have bought that way. But I must confess to having a little stash of copic markers and I'd agree with Carrie, get a 'set' of a particular colour to see if you really like them, but be warned, if you do love em you'll NEVER have enough LOL!

Melly said...

I agree with the others
I have promarkers as they are cheaper and as I was givening nearly all of mine from my uncle, an artist!
I woukld enter as many challenges as you can and find candys too!
Check out
they have alist of all challenges and blog candys!
If there is anything you need and I can share just ask!!
Oh I can send you lots of stamped images if you like??
M xxx

Melly said...

Another thought!

What about swaps! Some crafters do swaps! Where you make up a wee bundle of stuff and swap! Doesnt have to be much!
Not sure where to look for them but many a search will bring them up!
And I've got candy!!

Jennie said...

Ebay and birthdays hehehe! xx

Carole of Brum said...

Hi Mary, I've done lots of swaps of stamped images with other crafters, so if you only have a couple of stamps you can turn that into LOADS of images for your crafting. Same with die cuts or embossing. Craft forums are great places to find swap partners. And the best way to save money with copics is to know as much about them as you can before you buy so you have a better idea of what colours to buy. I agree, never buy the sets, you will not use some of the colours and you won't get much use out of any of them if you have no shades to blend with. And learn to use the greys so you can immediately get loads more shades out of the existing markers you have.

I have lots of good crafting friends, so we exchange gifts of craft still spend as much but somehow it feels like you are getting more for your cash! and if you always ask for craft stuff for birthday and xmas gifts then you'll build up your stash.