Thursday, February 3, 2011


I remember when I was a kid my parents went through a phase of attempting to kill the moss patches which lay beneath the pine trees. Because of the amount of shade and fallen pine needles, it was too wet and dark for grass to grow. We tried everything from moss killer to laying fresh sod and high quality grass down to make it look "pretty". When we drove from our sunny little side of the mountains back to Bellingham last weekend, I realized how much I really missed the green! And as I got out of the car and looked down at the ground I saw bright green colored moss. Moss that I missed. What I once tried to kill, I now missed. This reflection of my childhood and moss-missing has been popping up in my head ever since I got back to Bellingham. After my nightly blog reading tonight God gently reminded me of something. See being away from my husband I started to miss all those little things that sometimes we wives can take for granted. Like a simple call to say hi and to ask how our day is going, a gentle kiss on the cheek as he comes home from working all day, rough housing with your son after a "plain" ol' dinner you just prepared, and your husband scarfing that boring food down as if it was the best thing you'd ever made him before. These little things are what I miss about my husband right now. When I finally put two and two together I realized that, just like the moss story from when I was a child, I had been killing my husband's "moss" - the little things my husband does for me - with the, "I wish you'd do more....for me" thoughts and sometimes vocal requests. And I can be like that with my God as well. My challenge has always been to be content with the NOW. I always want more than what I have. And this has been my challenge for many years. I blame this on being an only child. ;) But God's always graciously there to put me back in my place when I'm out of line. So my challenge to you is to find what's the moss you're killing in your life right now? And what can you do to appreciate it more?


Jenn A said...

Hmmm...great challenge! Thanks for giving me something to think about ;)

Fiona said...

Hi Mary...just popped over to say that I am looking forward to working with you on the Dream Valley Challenge.


Lin said...

Hi Mary,

I have just popped by to say how much I am looking forward to working with you over at Dream Valley.

Lin xx

Carrie's Corner said...

Look forward to working with you at Dream Valley Challenges!