Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What to do with free Pringles from Rite-Aid!

So this week is a huge stock up week on snacky Super Bowl goodies at Rite-Aid. I picked up 20 stacks of free Pringles at Rite-Aid today. As I was getting more organizational ideas for my craft room, I came across this post and I can't wait to put my empty Pringles containers to good use. On so many levels oh my GOSH I can't wait!



Melly said...

Oh ooh!
I love this idea! Think I may have to copy this as well!
Do you think I could still have pringles on my diet?? Hmm maybe hubby can eat them for me hee!
Have fun day!
hugs Melly xxx

Jennie said...

How awesome is this idea!
Just popping by to say hi! Looking forward to working with you at Dream Valley xx

Michelle said...

DRAT! And I threw mine away - what a fun idea. :)