Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Z's blog

I have asked my trusty 5-year-old friend, Z, to share her thoughts on blog world.  (Just doing my civic duty of raising proper bloggers ;)  So, with great honor, I present to you, Z:

My cavity

Today I had a cav-a-dee.  It hurted.  It was the worst day of my life.  I want my teeth to work.  I want them to feel better.  They won is has a cavity.  My cavity is might go into might get worser. I want my teeth to feel better.  [AJ interrupts and says, "Who wants cookies?"  Z replies, "I do!!!"]  I want to brush my teeth better.  I'm going to brush my teeth better in circles.  It will brush my teeth better and get all the germs.  All the time I will brush my teeth and I will do it when my mom says to.  I will do what my mom will do when she says to right away.    

I hope my teeth will feel better.  The End.  

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