Sunday, January 16, 2011

Something Creative

I'm literally going insane. I haven't been able to create my heart out since the move! I'm working on my art/craft studio currently. I have almost all my boxes unpacked. However, it's still not functional. We inherited wood paneling on the second story and every time I go upstairs to work, I end up pulling a piece of it off. I'm serious. The funny part is that whoever put the paneling up, put it on top of drywall...why? Isn't paneling supposed to be in place of drywall because is cheaper and easier to put up? It can't possibly be because it's a design element. Thank God for paint! Or should I be scared of finding a "reason" the paneling was put up so as to hide a real big problem. Probably the latter. So I'm pulling off that paneling and painting it so it's light and airy, while still managing my family, couponing, cooking meals, changing poopy butts (well...just one butt...although I might have to change my husband's when he finds out I'm ripping the paneling off of the parsonage house without leadership approval...I go by the philosophy that it's better to ask forgiveness than permission...). Let's just say I'm taking lots of naps these days too. Do you dream creatively? I do so hard that it wakes me up at 4am. I have a lot of pent up creativity festering inside of me right now. So watch out! When I get that room done...oh'll be in for some seriously overwhelming artsy blogging from this woman.

I did get to work on a scrap book right before Christmas (I have been inspired by Dollar Store Crafts which inspired my winter scrap book. I'll be posting what I did soon). I started out on the couch/coffee table...

...because my room looked like this:

After about a half hour of that stupid idea, I decided I had to find a temporary functional solution. So behold, my plastic drawers and an old piece of wood.
(Notice how bluetiful the upstairs is! Tee hee hee)

It was really late at night but I HAD to create so a coke and some chocolates did the trick.

Woops! How'd that one get in there? See - I told you I change butts. ;)

Anyway, I'm jumping on the Marion Smith bandwagon and starting my 31-day challenge. In the next 31 days I'm going to post what I did to get this room put together and get all of my creative ideas productive.

Here's my to do list:

Finish building desk. I had a great entertainment unit that I used in our previous home but the ceiling is so low upstairs that my old unit was too tall!

Make paper storage rack. I salvaged an old crib from the church nursery. Can't wait to share with you how I do this! I'm so excited!!!

Finish pulling off paneling

Rip up the carpet. There's some vintage vinyl underneath that is light green and light blue. It's actually pretty cute. And I don't want the carpet to become paint-i-fied with all that pent up creativity harboring. It's just tacked down with staples so this will be a pretty easy job to do.


Hang Curtains

Scruff up an old shelving unit I salvaged from the church. It's painted white but there's some pretty light blue under it. I'm hoping to sand it down and let that blue show it's true color *pun*.

Put up shelves

Put up pegboard







Well...that's enough on my list of things to do right now. See you tomorrow! (Now that you're keeping me accountable...)


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