Monday, January 24, 2011

Things that were said today:

1. My son repeated my worse version of "dang it"...guess I have to work harder on that sailor mouth of mine.

2. I have adopted the phrase, "Do it" from Starsky and Hutch the movie. I've said it for years...actually since the movie came out. When I asked my son at the dinner table if he could chew his food and then swallow it he said, "Yup" and then "DO it".

What a funny day.

As for the 31 day challenge? I have been fighting a cold for 4 days now! It's not full-blown but it's enough to completely exhaust me. But I have gotten a few things accomplished like I picked out the paint color for my crap room. Oh! I named it, "The Crap Room". Let's see, what else have I done....oh I got this awesome beauty of a hand crafted wooden drawer thingy. I really have no better way of explaining it so I will take pictures tomorrow and show you. My husband had one of those, "What did you bring home????" looks when I pulled it out of the truck. After almost 11 years of being together, he still hasn't figured out that I can make anything look pretty. I actually saved this really awful tissue paper holder just to prove to him that I can take it from looking really really ugly to absolutely spectacular. (I'll post pictures of that too!) And actually it's not me that makes it pretty it's Krylon Spray Paint....

Anyway I have a lot of exciting things I can't wait to share with you! But for tonight I continue to leave you in suspense. :)

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