Saturday, October 27, 2007


We had our first frost of the year yesterday. I woke up to crispness in the air which filled our bedroom while snuggled under the warmth of my down-feathered, micro swede slipcovered, flannel sheeted, nothing but snuggly comfiness of blanketed layers. I was in the perfect mushed position on my side, hesitant to get up and face the day, but yet excited for the sun had just started to peak through the curtains and even though I knew I had to go to work, I was eager to greet this beautiful fall day.

Why is it that no other change of season fills my spirit more than Autumn? I am a summer girl, I love the spring and my Dad always called me his "Little Snow Bunnie." But it's Autumn that gets me giddy. The sipping of warm pumpkin spice lattes and caramel apple ciders, pumpkin pie, crisp mornings, and the array of magnificent colors in the trees.

My husband and I carved pumpkins the other night. When I got done scraping the stringy pumpkin insides, I stuck my head in the freshly carved pumpkin and smelled its cool pumpkiny freshness. Do you remember that smell from when you were a kid? Maybe I'm the only one who likes sticking their head in a freshly carved pumpkin and sniffing it, but it's one of my favorite fall treats.

Fall is also my favorite time of the year to go on walks...especially at night. Even if it's raining outside, I put on an extra layer to tramps through the crunchy leaves lined along the sidewalk awaiting for my arrival. This, I'm sure, is God's way of making sure I get that extra needed exercise for the arrival of Thanksgiving.

Oh Fall...thank you for your arrival. I will enjoy your weeks to come in pursuit of winter.

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