Sunday, October 7, 2007

Imagine this:

It never ceases to amaze me, Seattle that is, the unique diversity of this beautiful city where I've inhabited all of my 26 years of existence. This past weekend my husband and I and my favorite couple friends escaped to downtown Seattle for a day of fun. The drive to downtown was, as always, beautiful...although I swear my BFF's husband ripped a couple in the car...making for a quick flashback to stinky cheese day (I'll save stinky cheese day for another post).

So of course our first stop is Pike Place Market. A wonderful market full of stinky fish smells, unique foods, very inexpensive but beautiful bouquets of flowers, people, and any kind of art you can think of including a shop quite not so full of merchandise dedicated to "lefties" (because seriously, how many things can you put "I write left-handed" on?) to the performing arts. Which leads me to this guy...a balloon artist I'd like to name The Seattle Troll:


Man of Many Thoughts said...

Nice post honey. Welcome to the Blogosphere!


ScooterBoy said...

it totally was not me!

AJ said...

I must have looked away when we drove by him. Zoe would have crapped her pants.