Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Treat or Trick...

I caught a cold yesterday, of all days. I can't be's Halloween for goodness sake! But alas, I am. So my day today is already crap-o, just because I feel like, well, crap-o.

I get into work this morning and there are yummytreats waiting for me like almond cookies in the shape of fingers, festive Halloween cupcakes and home-made scones (I brought in some home-made caramel apple cider again). With the first impressions of the day, I think it's going to go pretty well, considering.

Until...I go to use the bathroom. It overflows...all over the floor. Seriously, it was a mini-lake inside of the 4x4, not enough room to bend over, tiniest bathroom you'll ever be in. I clean up the mess. It wasn't so much a mess as it was just wet. Of course, after I clean it all up, the toilet decides, "Now I'd like to perform normal and allow all the water filled up inside of my bowl to correctly drain." Stupid toilet.

Anyway, not two minutes later I hear, "AH! Come quick! Hurry!" It had overflowed again on a co-worker. I'm trying to run all over the place to get a plunger only to find there is no plunger in any of our three bathrooms. There's nothing to do but watch as the toilet, once again, fails us and spits out all that is within it onto the floor.

Now if you can only imagine, half of my co-workers are in costume. Trying to clean up in a tiny space is hard enough, but add the difficulty of wearing a costume in the mix and you have one unbearably funny scenario.

Thanks, Halloween...I didn't really ask for the trick.

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AJ said...

Zoe is really good at making the toilet overflow, she'll come running out of the bathroom yelling,
"Mommy, Daddyeeeeee, the toilet! IT'S PEEING ALL OVER THE FLOOR!!"
Happy Halloween!