Friday, October 19, 2007


I'm am deathly afraid of spiders. SO afraid, infact, that if I see one, I immediately get this pee-my-pants sort of feeling. I don't know where this fear actually came from and quite frankly...I think it's rediculous. They are more afraid of me than I am of them. Plus I have the power to squish them.

So one of my co-workers decided to play a little joke on me. Do you know those black plastic spiders you can pick up around Halloween time? Well, I just happen to have a black keyboard and a keyboard tray that pushes in under my desk. She put the black spider on top of my keyboard, pushed my keyboard under the desk and patiently waited in the break room (which is about 10 feet away from my office) while I discovered my little surprise.

I arrived at my desk, hurredly pulled my keyboard out to type something important on the computer, and went to position my fingers on top of they keyboard. That's when I just happened to look down....I jumped back, gasped, and the quickly realized before peeing my pants or screeming that the spider on top of my little black keys was fake.

She was laughing...I was rushing to the bathroom.

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