Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blogs I couldn't post last week because my smart phone was dumb: Today's Lunch

So this was supposed to have been posted on the 1st but for some reason I can't publish from my Blogger App on my Droid. Anybody have the same problem? The app gives me an error and then continues to attempt to still publish the post until I finally kill the app. Gah! So here you go:

I though I'd make a lunch today that showcased how my little man has been acting. He's been a little monster for sure today! But he ate up his lunch real well. The monster is made up of cucumbers, sliced string cheese and crasins for eyeballs, and carrots for the horns, all dipped in a savory blue cheese which is the only way he'll eat cukes. I gave him the rest of the string cheese cut up, some mulit-grain wheat thins, leftover chicken from last night's roasting and a bushel of grapes. I think he'd die if he didn't get grapes every day. The kid LOVES him some grapes.

Pray I make it through today! It's nap time now so I get a with my Jesus for a while. He'll calm me down...always does!


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