Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time Out!

As some of you may know my son turns 2 on Thursday. Well along with the joys of getting to see him grow up are also the pains of discipline... it seems he's been receiving more and more time outs lately :( Well more than one is painful for mom.

Isaac wakes up at 7 am usually every morning. He likes to hang out in his crib for a while. But when he hears either mommy or daddy walk by his room he'll start to yell at us, "MOMMY! DADDY! OUT!!! WANT OUT NOW!!!" Well this morning I heard daddy walk past his room. Daddy opened up the door to say good morning and Isaac says, "Daddy! Time out (points to time out chair). Sit down!" Then daddy sat, asked if could get up now. Isaac said, "No. Two minutes Daddy."

Laugh my little white booty off! it was so hillarious to witness this. I'm glad Isaac is starting to communicate a little better however I wish he'd learn to repeat the less disciplinary language. he makes it sound as if that's all we do all day is time outs! lol.
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