Saturday, March 5, 2011


That's what my grandma always called shopping at the thrift store. She got me hooked at a very young age for shopping at thrift stores. Now that I'm a mom of my own I know there's more important things in life than spending full price on everything. Not that it's not okay to go ahead and splurge every now and then. It's not just about the frugility of purchasing used items, I love the thrill of good finds (my grandma called a good find at a great price "gonga's" which I still use the term and still have no clue where it came from...I think some used car salesman from Arizona used to say it in his commercials, "COME ON DOWN TO MY LOT! I've got a GONGA of a car for you!" lol). I love the fact that I'm also recycling by purchasing used. And I usually give it right back to the thrift store when I'm done with it. (I've always wondered how many people an item will pass through before it winds up in the dump.) Anywayzzzz this week I went junkin' with my momma and I've got some gonga's to show you:

I found some old editions of "Heidi" and "Abraham Lincoln's World" in hardback. Here's a close up of the cover to "Heidi":

I just loved the colors of these books! I got them for $2 a piece. The poppy stamp was 49 cents. And I think the green tin with the orange poppy on it is an old film reel that someone altered. I love it! I'm using the bottom as a tray for my art supplies in the craft room and the lid will go up on the wall as art. I think I paid $1.49 for it! So cute!!

I even found some gonga's for Isaac:

Because we were so blessed when Isaac was born by all the hand-me-downs from friends we had enough clothes to last him three years! Seriously I've maybe spent $50 in his whole almost two years of life on clothes for him. So I'm starting to purchase clothes for when he's bigger while I can get them at good prices. Right now is the best time to buy winter clothes because the stores are trying to clear their shelves for spring. So I'm thinking ahead and looking at the 3T's because that's what he'll be in come winter. This cute little zip up sweater was $1.49. I also found some cute little stamps for his scrapbooks (25 cents each). And my mom picked up the boy doll for him. We're thinking about letting God decide when we should have our next kiddo (a.k.a. we'll stop NOT trying to have another baby soon). So we thought a good way to gear our little man for a real baby to take care of (we figure he's big enough now to raise the next kid...haha), was to do practice runs on a fake baby. Let me tell you something, he LOVES this baby. He tucks him in at night, holds him, snuggles him, gives him a passy (pacifier). Isaac is so gentle with this fake baby I can't wait to see what he's like with a real sibling. Hubs didn't quite know what to think about his son and a "baby doll" but he plays along with the game. It's cute to see daddy and Isaac with the new baby. I couldn't believe the most expensive item out of all was the doll at $3.49 but compared to brand new, it was still a gonga :).

Do you go junkin? What good finds have you come across lately?

So I mentioned my craft room and's not quite done yet. But I've accomplished a lot this week. NEXT week! I PROMISE! It's so close I can taste it! I did have a good excuse. I would have had it done this week if it weren't for the fact that I got a cold...again! I'm so done with winter.


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Melly said...

How lucky and clever are you!! We dont have anythig really like that here! We have charity shops but you can end up paying nearly the same price you would new!!
I so wanna come live near you hee!
Thats a great idea with the doll! Our nephew was a bit funny when his wee brother was born and this would probably been a good idea!
Have a good week, fingers crossed you'll have your craft room all finsihed!!
Hugs Melly xxx