Sunday, November 4, 2007

Football Junkie

I walked into my apartment after an hour of shopping to find my husband, lounging on the couch with two remote controls in his hands, intently watching football. We are avid fans of the Seahawks and Colts and today the two teams were playing at the same time. So hubby decided he would take a splitter to our cable and move our little TV used in the office into the living room set atop one of our end tables. He had both the Colts game and the Seahawks game going at the same time and when there was a commercial on one TV he'd mute it and watch the game on the other TV. When that game got boring or went to commercial, he'd switch it back. It really got confusing when one station would switch games to see highlights of other games not being televised.

I think it was the closest thing I have experienced to developing a twitch. However, if I could do that with my design channels, I would be in Heaven. Honey! We're keeping both TV's in the living room.

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Man of Many Thoughts said...

Football Junkie. Best thing anyone's ever called me. :)