Saturday, November 3, 2007

The New Family Pet

Z, my BFF's 5-year-old kindergartner, found a new pet. On the table sits a red plastic bag with some kind of an acrylic box, very small box, sitting on top and in it is a ladybug who keeps crawling up the sides of the box, frantically flapping its wings trying so desperately to get out. She did a great job by trying to make the ladybug feel at home. Inside the box sits a red rock of some sort in case the ladybug decides it would like to do a little rock climbing. But rather the ladybug enjoys pushing the rock with its frantically flapping wings because it's probably thinking there will be a hole under the red rock that it can climb out of and fly back home. There's a foam sticker in the shape of a jack-o-lantern which I'm assuming is her door welcoming decoration. Z's attempts at making the ladybug feel welcome and at home are impressive, however, I have a feeling that this is how the killer bee were engineered. Some kid in desperate need for a new family pet attempted to make a cute little bumble bee feel at home in its new entrapment in which the said kid put in extraordinary efforts to make a cute home for the creature, when in all reality it pisses the poor insect off enough to want to kill all things that resemble the gigantic thing that stood above the acrylic box pointing and staring and making weird noises at it while it flailed its little wings screaming, "GET ME OUT!"

Unfortunately for the ladybug, it's Z's intent to wait until Tuesday to set the ladybug free because she wants to show her big sister the new family pet. But the ladybug will probably die before-hand resulting in sadness for the poor kid. Fortunately for us, I have a feeling that if Z was to let the ladybug free before dying we would soon see a new caption in the Sunday paper stating, "When Ladybugs Attack."

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AJ said...

While making Z's bed yesterday I threw back the covers to find her lady bug roaming free. Amazingly, she was still alive after a night of being "tucked in all safe." I convinced her to let it go to eat the bugs on my roses.
The family of pill bugs was not so fortunate, found in a box under the bed.