Saturday, November 17, 2007


To celebrate M's 9th birthday we took a little trip to one of the local bowling alleys. Now I am not a fan of bowling but I didn't want to be a party pooper so I went along with the gang. I laced on those ugly looking bowling shoes and found the properly weighted ball. With ball in hand and stance ready, I took my first turn down the lane. Gutter ball. Second turn, gutter ball. I thought perhaps I should try another ball so I grabbed another ball. Gutter ball. I kept this up, eventually knocking down one or two pins along the way, trying every technique I could (including what I like to call the stop drop and roll technique). My final score on the first game was somewhere in the 60's which was a much better improvement that the 14 I've bowled in the past.

Bummed, I continued. I was doing a little better and then my fingers started to give out from the weight of the ball. I went down to a 9lb ball and tried my luck. I got a spare. I kept the momentum going. To my surprise I eventually won the game and got into the 100's. I don't think I've ever bowled past the 80's in my life. It was pretty exciting, but I still would rather play Dance Dance Revolution or Air Hockey instead.

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