Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas too soon?

Since the wind storms arrived this week and all of the fall leaves have been blown away, I suddenly have the Christmas bug. So I started playing Christmas music at work. None of the other girls like the fact that I'm playing Christmas music a week before Thanksgiving. Am I crazy for listening to Jingle Bell Rock and Winter Wonderland before Thanksgiving? I don't believe so. K said you can't jump the season to be thankful to the season of greed. Is that really what Christmas has turned into? The season of greed? 'Tis the season to be greedy falalalalalalala.

Really, today I heard on the radio that Santas' can no longer say "HoHoHo" they must now say "HaHaHa" because "HoHoHo" is a derogatory term used towards women. Seriously? You have got to be kidding me.

Christmas is the season for happy HoHoHo's and Merry Christmases.

Did you hear that Target last year banned, like other big boxed stores, their employees from saying "Merry Christmas" to their customers? Not only that but they no longer allow the Salvation Army Jinglers to stand outside their doors because they don't want to be one-sided towards any religion. BUT they will sell CHRISTMAS items in their stores INCLUDING manger scenes and Angels. Hmmm.

When did Christmas become so controversial? But I refuse to let anyone ruin my Christmas cheer AND I WILL SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS to ANYONE I pass on the street. I'm just spreading the freaking cheer. So HO HO HO and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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