Tuesday, November 6, 2007


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I died my hair the other night...that's right, it's officially dead. And it's red. Dead red. I wasn't going for the dramatic look. The last time I dyed it, I did it strawberry blond with red highlights, lowlights, whatever they're called...and it looked great. This time I thought I'd go for more red, less blond, so I dyed my entire head red. I'll be putting the highlights in it later on in the week, but for now every time I see my reflection I think...”POW! RED!” It's quite the shocker. It will fade though right? Watch, this will be the one box of red that actually doesn't fade. I'm not saying I don't like it, it's just very noticeable, which I'm not used to, and very dramatic. Hey, it's better than dirty sink water blond!

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skywriter said...

I thought your blond was stunning. . but this suits you.

I'm from a family of redheads. Mine is the darkest. My daughter has strawberry blond, as does my brother, the Nordic genes won out in them, the Scottish genes rule in me.