Friday, November 2, 2007

Visions of Becoming a Lawyer

We often have some pretty interesting folks come to our office wanting consultation since my office is next to a homeless facility. However, yesterday we had a fella come in to talk to one of the attorneys to see what it would take to become a Lawyer rather than wanting a consultation for an injury.

He started his visit very politely by ringing the doorbell (it's very clear when you come to the door that we are a place of business and, though it's polite to ring a doorbell, it is definately not necissary...why we still have a doorbell is beyond me). He then proceeded to ask to speak with a Lawyer because he has realized his "life's purpose..." which is to become a Lawyer...and wanted to know what steps he would need to take in order to fulfill his dream.

Well, the paralegals usually handle these sorts of things because, quite frankly, the attorneys simply don't have the time to. So one of our very experienced paralegals came down to greet the very polite fella. He explained to her his dream, including that he came to this conclusion because he has died three times. She was very warm with him and encouraging by letting him know he'd have to go to school and that it would be best to talk to one of the counselors with a local college and, to top it off, he'd have to take the Bar Exam, which is not very easy. When she explained in detail the intimidating steps to becoming an attorney, he started inquiring about what it would take to have her job instead...

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